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Your experiences with TDC

The stock looks like a pretty sure bet to me. It never sunk too low, but it never managed to produce a big spike in the price. I would like to hear some experiences from people that own TDC shares. How did TDC work out for you?

Is it a good idea to spend nearly $200 per share on a company involved in so much controversy ?

Not to mention the negative press that BA receives. I know I was looking only at the company’s economic parameters. I would say it is a sure buy, without any doubt. Aside from that, we hear al sort of negative stories about BA. So , without going... —  read more 

Good news, finally

Meta is laying off 11,000 employees. That's a great first step toward getting rid of the bloat and finally steering the company back in the right direction. I have been disappointed by Meta for a while but I believe this is going to turn this ship... —  read more 

I have faith in Nike

Most of the companies are in trouble right now due to the many issues out of their control - like supply chain issues, for example - so it's not surprising that Nike has hit some rough times as well. I have faith that within a year or two, Nike will... —  read more 

How low will it go?

It's under $100 today and it was over $300 at the start of the year. It hasn't been that low in seven years and it just keeps going lower. In my opinion, META dropping to somewhere between $30 and $40 would be a realistic price for where the company... —  read more 

MSFT is slipping

Results are out: Earnings $2.35 per share vs. $2.30 Revenue $50.12 billion, vs. $49.61 billion What worries me is that Azure growth is slowing down. Shares were down 2.8% following the announcement of the latest financial report and now the... —  read more 

VIVE is good.

Every company has its ups and downs and I don't think it's fair to make VIVE be solely defined by its past. I'm very satisfied with VIVE right now and I don't play to jump ship in the foreseeable future. I'm feeling secure in my position right now.

High level of debt

The company's debt is always a warning sign when thinking about investing. In June last year, the company had $15.5b of debt, which is about the same as the year before. For now it seems that there is no problem paying it off and that Qualcomm is... —  read more 


A good stock but ultimately nothing to write home about. I don't mean this negatively. Sometimes this sort of "boredom" is welcome. Stability is needed these days when so many things seem uncertain. If you don't mind that sort of thing - or prefer it... —  read more 


From a glance the stock doesn't spark any interest in me. Is there any more information about it that could give me a clearer vision of Datto so I might change my mind? I'm willing to give the stock a chance at least.

What's going on?

GAN has fallen out of favor with everyone who reviews it. Is there any chance the stock can recover this year or is this basically it? Is there really nothing more to see here or to expect any longer?