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Oh, boy

Sell, sell, sell. It's already near the bottom, but it's better to try and sell now before it's delisted, which I'm positive will happen sooner rather than later. Going from $41.60 to $1.55 in about three years is quite an achievement, just not the... — read more 

EV stocks are down

With all the focus on EVs only a matter of time before the value of Ford stock is affected negatively. Maybe a good time to sell.

Strategy question.

I want to address the people that have LOW in their portfolio, as I too own a significant portion of LOW shares. What investment strategy do you use and how big of a portion of your portfolio does LOW make up?

How high can V go?

V has been climbing nonstop and I don't see an end in sight. I was thinking of selling because I'd make a nice sum if I did it right now, but I'm worried that I might be rushing. I don't want to sell just for the stock to gain another $50 in value in... — read more 

General Question

I dress this to the people that had a significant portion of retail stocks in their portfolio. Is retail companies dead in terms of producing value and is it a better option to take our mony int the tech sector, AI, or something?