Topics regarding United Parcel Service (UPS) (UPS) stock

Topics regarding United Parcel Service (UPS) (UPS) stock

Going up once again

And steadily. If you were smart to buy the dip, this is a good time for you. I, on the other hand, am angry at myself for not listening to my instincts. On Monday, I plan to add this to my portfolio since I believe it will continue going up, but it... — read more 

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What is a wiser option to go for? FEDEX is a much more expensive stock, but it seems that it has higher potential to produce more value, and generally looks more stable in these market conditions. On the other hand UPS is cheaper and doesn’t look too... — read more 

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Look for UPS to rise

Yes, I know the earnings will decline this year as we leave the pandemic behind us, but consider the company's long-term prospects and long-term growth. The management has been making a lot of right moves with the company's transformation and I... — read more 

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In its own way, UPS is underrated

I never understood why UPS is always so looked down upon. Seeing all these articles and comments and whatnot consistently and without a fail underestimating the company and downplaying their achievements and progress they made is really starting... — read more 

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Good buy

I really wish I bought more than 50 in June, when the stock already started to look very promising. Right now I think it's too expensive to add any more, but the ones I have are not going anywhere. Trucking demand is at an all time high, with no... — read more 

I worry about UPS

E-commerce flourished during the lockdown but what will happen when things go back to normal? UPS was always a terrific company but I'm fearing what the end of the pandemic and the threat of the virus will mean for them. Will this growth persist or... — read more 

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