Topics regarding Micron Technology (MU) stock

Topics regarding Micron Technology (MU) stock

This is a relatively safe stock

I know it's had its ups and downs, but frankly, when it comes to tech stocks, this is the one I consider to be one of the safer. It has been steadily on the rise for nearly a decade. Yes, I know there were dips, but every company sees those. My point... — read more 

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I think it’s time to sell

At this point I don’t care about opinions that state that we should have patience with MU and that it is on a path to success. I just can’t take the constant fluctuations and I can't take the constant possibility that the stock can produce a... — read more 

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Will layoffs help?

I never know what to think when a company has layoffs. On one hand, it's a good thing for shareholders because costs are being cut. On the other hand, that also means that the leadership didn't think ahead and put the company in a position where... — read more 

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If you sold, I'm sorry

People are so quick to sell at the first sign of trouble. I, on the other hand, use the opportunity to buy. I did it again in October, and once again I didn't regret it. And I plan to do it again since I'll be holding on to this stock for a while to... — read more 

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Bad investment?

Even though so many shares have been sold today, I still think MU is a bad investment. I had a lot of patience, but I don’t have it anymore for this stock.

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Stop worrying. Seriously.

It's a rookie mistake to constantly worry about MU's fluctuating stock. There are good days and there are so-called bad days. All you need to do is sit back and relax. Worrying nonstop about MU is a useless endeavor and all you're doing is creating... — read more 

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$150 target

This seems like a very boring Friday, but I’m not discouraged at all. MU share price is 727% higher than five years ago and I'm just sorry I only recently bought a few shares. I don't feel like selling today. I think the stock will grow, but I doubt... — read more 

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