StockJury Content Rules

StockJury is a place where people come and discuss a range of stock related topics. As such, it is a community that thrives only if community members feel safe to speak up. Every visitor and poster is our community member and has a right to use StockJury without being harassed, bullied or threatened. Harassment, bulling, threats and reference to violence are unacceptable and will be sanctioned.

  1. Not Allowed Content

    We are fairly flexible in terms of what’s being allowed to be posted, however please note that there are certain types of content that are not acceptable on this site. The following content types are not allowed on our site:

    • Illegal content
    • Threats, bullying, harassment
    • Vulgar and/or foul language
    • Calls or reference to violence or harm directed to people and/or property
    • Discussions about Politics, Race, Religion
    • Personal or confidential information
    • Impersonation in a deceptive or misleading manner
    • Advertising, promotion or self-promotion
    • Pornography
    • Trolling
    • Bot generated or posted content
    • Extensively repeating content
    • Manipulation:
      • Since users are discussing stocks there should be no manipulation or misinformation regardless of the intentto mislead or manipulate or not. We encourage all posters to disclose their position as it relates to posts they are making.
      • Do not post links to sites or applications that are known to engage in illegal activities and/or manipulate stocks
      • Do not post with the intent to move a stock
      • Do not excessively post on the same topic
      • Do not spread false rumors
      • Do not impersonate company representatives or anyoneelse
  2. Not Allowed Behavior
    • Paying or encouraging others to promote your content
    • Using bots to generate and/or post content
    • Doing anything that prevents normal use of StockJury
    • Using services to hide, switch, mask IP addresses in order to avoid bans/restrictions
  3. Enforcement

    We may decide to enforce the rules noted above by blocking IP addresses of the individuals breaking the rules. In additionwe may remove their content relating to the post violating the rule or we may remove all posts originated by the violator. Finally, please see how we disclose log data in caseswhere legal or safety issues may arise (see Privacy Policy).