Topics regarding Intel (INTC) stock

Topics regarding Intel (INTC) stock

I think the price will reach $20

I hope it won't be like that, but chances are that INTC will fall even more, almost to $20. I will wait a little longer and then buy. I remember the last big wave of layoffs 5 or 6 years ago, when the company cut about 12,000 jobs. The stock was... —  read more 

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Why jump into INTC?

AMD is taking market share from Intel. INTC has become a laughing stock. However, I know people who have carefully considered the situation and decided to invest their money here. I was just reading some articles about the reasons why you should... —  read more 

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Things are not as bad

Too many people seem to be catastrophizing due to the latest earnings report. Yes, things are not great but they're not as bad as they might seem either. Just look at the bigger picture and you'll see what I mean. This guy gets it:... —  read more 

Thoughts on Mobileye split?

With INTC planning to IPO the auto tech division, I'm considering buying more shares to take advantage of an easy gain of the new company's stock. Some analysts are not too thrilled with the move, so I'm still undecided. What is everybody else... —  read more 

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Intel is back, baby!

The CPU will launch in just a few weeks, and Intel claims it will be its fastest ever to launch across all segments from laptops to desktops. Hence, with a leadership CPU and a rock solid roadmap, the AMD threat on the PC side looks... —  read more 

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I'm betting on AMD

I swore by Intel for years, but I've concluded that while once this might have been a winning stock, it no longer is. AMD, on the other hand, has been outperforming my wildest expectations since I added it to my portfolio. I'm at the point where I... —  read more 

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INTC has a good momentum

I think I will pick some INTC shares. The price is definitely good at this point compared to other companies in the business and the stock appears to be on a steady rise. This good momentum off stock performance may even pick up speed in the near... —  read more 

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I don’t understand why all the hype?

I’m not convinced of a turnaround and a big comeback of Intel’s stock stages predicted by some analysts, especially after TSMC announced a $100 billion investment to bolster its chip fabrication capacity. I decided not to buy yet.

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