Topics regarding CenturyLink (LUMN) stock

Topics regarding CenturyLink (LUMN) stock

Is it worth buying at this price?

Even though there are a lot of negative parameters for LUMM I figure that at this price it is worth the risk. There is a lot to gain though if the stock bounces back. If not, I won’t lose much. Does anyone agree with me?

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Heading back to $10?

Considering how many promises were made, I thought LUMN would be a lot higher by now. But no, Lumen is down. Some believe there are many reasons why this stock could return to prices around $10. I’m not quite sure, but I definitely don’t intend to... — read more 

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How risky is LUMN?

Let me preface this by saying that I'm completely new to trading. I've been looking for something that would be a long hold and this seems to be a good bet. Yes, I know it's been losing value for years but it seems that it might have turned around in... — read more 

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