Topics regarding L3 Harris Technologies (LHX) stock

Topics regarding L3 Harris Technologies (LHX) stock

Is it worth it at 224 per share?

I can agree that LHx is a safe bat an whatnot, but if I buy it will require a substantial amount of money to acquire any significant amount of shares. My question would be, do you think it is worth it this at price, or should I maybe be looking for... — read more 

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I'm thinking of buying

I'm not that experienced when it comes to investing but this seems like a sure bet. It's currently about 20 percent under its 52-week high, so I guess now could be the right time to buy. However, I'm never sure if buying before or after the quarterly... — read more 

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The reasons to buy IHX

20% dividend increase 35% free cash flow payout ratio Huge $60 Billion government backlog on defense contracts 18 year dividend growth history 5 year dividend CAGR 20% Lower PEG ratio than LMT (less of the growth is priced... — read more 

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Would be nice to buy more

I own 1,200 shares and while I admit it would be nice to strengthen my position, this is out of my price range for now. What I have I plan to hold for a long time, though. I just wish I had the foresight to buy when it dropped to $160. I could have... — read more 

LHX. My answer is no.

I'm aware that L3Harris is on many people's watchlist but I think I'll pass just this one time. LHX's gr--s margins are pretty great but the net operating margins aren't. II don't like wasting my time or my money. I could be making a mistake with... — read more 

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